Preventative Maintenance

  • Oil Changes

  • Fuel Systems

  • Coolant Flushes

  • Differential Services

  • Fuel/Oil Additives

  • Transmission Services

Performance Upgrades

  • Lift Pumps

  • Injectors

  • Turbo's

  • Tuning

  • Intakes/Exhausts

  • Other

Engine/Transmission Build

  • All of our engine builds are built specific to each customers needs, wants, budgets and power goals. We can either order you a new/reman long block or rebuild your current engine into a HP/TQ monster.

  • As with our engine builds, all transmission builds are specific to each customers needs.

Dynojet 224xLC Services

Our dyno can preform load test including step, sweep, and user defined custom load profiles and all gears and at all throttle positions.

It will read you:



Mobile Repair Services

Our highly skilled technician is available 24/7. We understand that you can't always get your vehicle to a shop and we want to do everything we can to accommodate any and all situations. 

Other Services

  • Brake, Axle, and Suspension Systems


  • Towing and Storage

  • Electrical Systems

  • Tint


We offer a 6 month/12,000 mile labor warranty, excluding performance parts, when you purchase all your parts through us for your service. We use quality/OEM parts, most of which come with 1-3 year manufacturers warranty on top of our labor warranty. 

Additional warranties available with certain services.

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